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I apreciate your skill and craftsmanship. Your above-and-beyond was your creative suggestions.
Dear Barry & Chris,

I am writing to thank you for my gorgeous and functional kitchen. It turned out even more stunning than Chris' fabulous graphics.

I appreciate your skill and craftsmanship. Your above-and-beyond was your creative suggestions:

• Moving the kitchen counter out 2 feet, making room for a dishwasher, making the kitchen larger, and eliminating wasted living room space.

• Painting the kitchen ceiling a rich burgundy, which brought out the richness of the cabinet's cherry stain.

• Doing a novel textured ceiling, verses a tray ceiling (the standard in our association). I have allergies and the latter would have been a dust collector.

• Moving the above-refrigerator cabinet forward so that I can actually open it without a ladder and so the refrigerator can "breathe."

• Eliminating wasted/dead space (the biggest problem in my previous kitchen) with angled corner cabinets and making an under-counter opening between two cabinets (one of which was in the corner) for extra storage. The latter involved working on a Sunday, which was really nice of you.

• Making my pantry with a bi-fold door into a cabinet with pull-out drawers. This made the kitchen look bigger, more finished and added much more storage space.

• Collaborating with (the very good) subcontractors (Franco's Electric and Superior Stoneworks), incorporating everyone's creative ideas to maximize the beauty of the kitchen.

It was a pleasure working with you both. Thank you!


Gloria R.
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